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Whether you own a twelve chair, four chair or you are an independent staff member. Being a salon owner requires tons of dedication and time to ensure your goals are met and your business continues to grow.

This can disturb a salons daily operation, thus creating unnecessary energy. Focusing on your staff and your response to this occurrence can make or break you. We have successful scripts to assure you and your staff never miss a beat. 

With Google and social media platforms you would think attracting new clients would be easy. Believe it or not a salon owners' reputation has the biggest influence on attracting clients. We have easy recommendations on how YOU can draw new clients to your salon.

Set Your Goals! If you do not set goals for your business including retirement, then you do not have a clear path to travel. We would love to give you the tools and support you need, no matter how long you plan on the journey. We at First-Hand Salon Solutions completed our goals that in the beginning seem unobtainable.

  • We'll look at your overhead expenses. In most cases, together, we can immediately increase profits.
  • Together we will design the policies and the confidence to implement them
  • Did you know how profitable training your front desk staff can be?
  • We have easy-to-follow job descriptions for every area of your business.